10 Killer Blog Headlines You Should Be Using Right Now

Good blog headlines can be challenging to come up with, especially if you’re incorporating solid SEO tactics. However, your blog headline is the first thing that people see, and it determines whether people will actually click through to read your post, or scroll past it. Your blog headline needs to be catchy and draw readers in.

Here are ten killer blog headlines you can use today!

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1. X Things You Didn’t Know About ____

This headline plays on people’s desire to know things they don’t know, and find out things they’ve never been told before.

The Internet is a portal of tons of information, and regular Internet users often think they know a lot about a particular topic. However, a blog post with this headline promises that there is at least one or two things about said topic that they DON’T know, prompting them to click through to the blog post to try to figure out what it is that they’ve missed or that they haven’t heard.

2. X ___ Myths

People love finding out the truth about things, or finding out something they thought was true is actually a myth. On the other side of the coin, people who think something is a myth really enjoy having confirmation that they are, in fact, right. A post with this headline will convince readers to click because it will either teach them that something they thought was true isn’t, or confirm that they were right all along.

3. Top X ____ Mistakes You Must Avoid

The thought of unknowingly making a mistake when doing something is a fear that many people have, so this headline plays on their fear that they may be making a mistake without having any idea that they’re doing it. People are going to click on this blog headline to make sure – absolutely sure – that they aren’t already making said mistakes, and so they can also keep from making them in the future.

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4. How To ____ Like A Boss

This title can also be written “How To ____ Like a Pro.” People want to be good at what they do. In fact, they want to be the best at it. They want others to notice how great they are at something and how much better they are at it than someone else. Yeah, that last part is sad, but it’s true. Use this headline to entice people who want to learn how to become the best at a particular thing.

5. Top X Must Haves For ____

This headline plays on people’s natural need to be consumers. We live in a “I need this, I need that” society, and most people are afraid that they don’t have this thing or that thing and that they’re missing out. This title plays on that need, and entices people to click on it to find out if they have the essentials for a particular activity.

6. X ___ Rules You Should Break!

People love breaking rules, even if they’re not really “breaking” rules. Most of these blog posts refer to old “unspoken” rules, or things of that nature that no longer apply in today’s society. People want permission to “break” these rules and to ditch old ways of thinking. So give it to them.

7. The All Time Best Way To ____

Again, this headline plays on people’s need to be the best at something, or do something the best way, the fastest way or the easiest way. People will want to click on this headline to find out if they’re already doing something the best way, or if they need to change what they’re doing. Many people really enjoy confirmation that they’re already doing something the best way there is.

8. How To ____, The Easy Way

We live in an instant society, where we want everything to be simple and easy. We don’t really want to work for anything, and if there’s an easier way to do something that takes less effort and less time, people want to know what it is. This headline entices people to click on the blog post because they want to find out if there’s an easier way to do something than the way they’re doing it. They want to find an easier way to do something that is normally difficult to do.

9. X Simple Tips To ____

This cannot be said enough. People want easy, they want simple, and they want fast. They want to ditch old ways of doing things that have taken lots of effort and time in the past, and they want to find the key to doing something easily, without much effort. Play on their desire to find the “easy way out” by writing a blog post on simple tips to do a particular activity.

10. Are You Doing ____ The Right Way?

Just like people are afraid of making mistakes, they’re also afraid they’re doing something the wrong way. When people read this title, it sits in the back of their mind and the little voice inside starts making them wonder if they really are doing something the right way, or if perhaps they’re wrong. They’ll click on the title just to make sure.

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