7 Excellent Blogging Niches

A niche describes the type of content that appears on a blog’s pages and defines its tone and purpose. Some niches, such as law or finance, feature a wide range of content. Others, like snowboarding or art supplies, attract a much narrower audience.

Finding a healthy balance between specificity and appeal sometimes frustrates new bloggers. If you’re looking for a popular and engaging topic, consider one of these seven niches.

1. Crafts And DIY Projects


A tale of two glue guns

The so-called Maker Movement encompasses an industry that funnels nearly $30 billion into the U.S. economy every year, according to technology company Amatel. Consumers renovate their own houses, build their own furniture, and design their own artwork.

Numerous blogs in this niche already exist, but steady streams of traffic keep the topic from over-saturating. Consider a sub-niche if you want to specialize further, such as DIY projects for the office or child-centered crafts.

2. Fitness Journey

Readers love fitness success stories. Start a blog that chronicles your journey toward stunning weight loss or a six-pack figure, then provide tips and insights that help your audience achieve the same results.

Putting a personal spin on this age-old topic makes it fresh and appealing. Don’t just instruct; instead, post stories about your failures as well as your triumphs and talk about what worked (and what didn’t) for you personally.

3. Credit Repair And Maintenance


The courage to swipe again.

Money troubles plague most consumers from time to time – and sometimes chronically. In fact, financial woes constitute the top catalyst for failed marriages, according to the Huffington Post. If your blog increases the financial literacy of your readers, you’ll gain a loyal following and make your fans’ lives better.

Think about ways to narrow the niche further based on your own experiences. For instance, if you’ve just waded through the shallow but harrowing waters of a bankruptcy, create a blog to detail your Chapter 13 journey and describe your coping strategy.

4. Wearable Tech

From motion-sensitive headbands to almost psychic smart watches, wearable tech represents one of the most exciting advances in modern technology since the personal computer. Jump on the bandwagon with your own blog dedicated to industry news, tech predictions, or consumer wish lists.

Take this niche in a different direction entirely if you’re uninterested in the science and engineering behind the merchandise. For example, start a style blog that helps readers coordinate their outfits with wearable tech.

5. Green Living

Statistic Brain reports that nearly 85 percent of all household waste could find a home in the recycle bin instead of the trash heap. Consumers want to know how to live greener lives – how to recycle their products, how to engage their communities, and how to reduce their carbon footprints. Translate this interest into a green-centered blog.

6. Uncommon Industries

Maybe you work as a video game tester, a wax figure maker, or a circus costume designer. Strange or unusual jobs make excellent blog fodder. You might help other interested professionals obtain jobs in your industry or tell colorful anecdotes about your experiences in the trenches.

7. Diet Restrictions

From parents of kids with peanut allergies to lactose-intolerant adults who love ice cream, diet restrictions create stress and, in some cases, social anxiety. Create a blog to help readers deal with their diet restrictions in creative and healthy ways.

If you struggle with the diet restriction in question, your personal experiences become valuable sources of inspiration. Create a connection with people in the same boat and share your story with the rest of the world.

When it comes to blogging niches, think about the topics and subjects that interest you the most. What stokes your passion and engages your curiosity? When you’re ready to put your niche plan into action, sign up for a risk-free trial at BlogPress.

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