3 Things You Must Know Before You Start A Blog

So, you’ve heard about this blog thing, and you’ve decided to try it and start a blog for yourself. Well, before you start typing away at the keyboard or searching for a web hosting service, there are three questions you need to answer first. You need to really have a clear, firm answer for each one … [Read more...]

3 Quick Tips To Start A Blog The RIGHT Way

Starting a new blog is an adventure for everyone who does it. You never really know what is going to happen next, how much traffic you'll have tomorrow, or any number of things. But experienced bloggers know a thing or two about what they should have done in the beginning. Take their advice. 3 Tips … [Read more...]

Why Choosing the Right Niche Can Mean Life or Death for Your Blog

Choose A Niche For Your Blog - The Niche That YOU Will Dominate Choosing the right niche for your blog is perhaps the most important choice you can make BEFORE starting a blog. Choose the wrong niche, and it’s very unlikely you’ll ever succeed. Some Questions To Help You Choose The Right … [Read more...]

Blogging 101: Article Writing Ideas

You've picked a niche, set up your theme, and watched all the video tutorials. Now, it's time to start writing articles for your blog. You goal for the first 30 days is to write and schedule at least 10 blog posts. This is the minimum number of posts. If you can crank out 25 posts, then do it. … [Read more...]

Massive List of Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers

One of the biggest struggles that bloggers face is getting traffic to their blogs. Perhaps one of the best ways to get blog traffic is through SEO, but which keyword research tools should you be using? A lot of bloggers and online marketers stopped focusing on SEO because Google’s keyword tools … [Read more...]