How to Start a Travel Blog

Travel is a great topic for a blog. It's something that nearly everyone is interested in even if they are only daydreaming about being able to someday afford a dream vacation. If you're wondering how to start a blog that's all about travel, here is all you need to know to get started … [Read more...]

How To Become A Food Blogger

Do you fancy yourself a gourmet chef? Do your friends ask you for the recipe every time you invite them over for dinner? Food bloggers share their culinary skills (as well as their passion for the finer things in life) with the rest of the world. Don't miss: Blogging Cheat Sheet: How To Start a … [Read more...]

Why Choosing the Right Niche Can Mean Life or Death for Your Blog

Choose A Niche For Your Blog - The Niche That YOU Will Dominate Choosing the right niche for your blog is perhaps the most important choice you can make BEFORE starting a blog. Choose the wrong niche, and it’s very unlikely you’ll ever succeed. Some Questions To Help You Choose The Right … [Read more...]

Is There a Best Time or Day to Post to My Blog?

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5 Security Tips For Bloggers

As a fellow blogger, I know that blogging takes time and dedication; for some, blogging is practically a full-time job. Once you get your words onto the page and successfully posted, you really want them to stay there for good. The unfortunate news is that if a hacker (likely in the form of an … [Read more...]