5 Step Social Media Marketing Plan

Here is a 5-Step Social Media Marketing Plan that you can use over and over again as you add new social media platforms to your marketing efforts. Step 1: Select A Social Media Platform If you're not already active on any of the social media sites, an easy way to find the best one for your niche … [Read more...]

Social Media 101: Recommended Social Media Sites

What is Social Media? At its core, social media is simply the exchange and sharing of ideas and information through technology. Social media is about sharing, connecting, and building relationships. Unlike traditional media, it's a two-way communication. It not only allows you to broadcast your … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing – 5 Keys To Your Success!

Social media marketing can have a huge impact on your blog's traffic, but how do you do it successfully? Navigating the world of social media can be difficult if you're not tech savvy, and doing it for a blog or online business can be even more difficult. Here are x easy tips to get started. 1. … [Read more...]

How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog

Facebook has quickly become THE social media site. If you aren’t on it, then you’re missing out. As a blogger, you can use this tool to not only make connections and stay in touch with other bloggers, but you can also use Facebook to promote your blog! You may be thinking, “But isn’t my Twitter … [Read more...]

How To Tweet To A Better Income

Tweet your way to making more money! Sounds like a false promise, doesn’t it? Most people don’t really consider Twitter to be a money making tool, mostly because they use it for the purpose it was initially intended for: to stay in touch with family and friends. But for anyone who runs a blog or a … [Read more...]