3 Quick Tips To Start A Blog The RIGHT Way

Starting a new blog is an adventure for everyone who does it. You never really know what is going to happen next, how much traffic you’ll have tomorrow, or any number of things. But experienced bloggers know a thing or two about what they should have done in the beginning. Take their advice.

3 Tips To Start A Blog The Right Way

1. Determine Your Niche Based On Your Passions

Before you even start a blog, think about what you’re passionate about. What do you love to do? What do you love to talk about? It doesn’t matter if it’s cool or trendy or whatever. Think only about what YOU love and what YOU are passionate about. Then use those things to determine what you can realistically blog about and what your niche should be.

Having a blog means publishing lots and lots of content. Like, lots of content. In fact, that’s pretty much all a blog is about. If you’re not passionate about your blog’s niche, you’re going to run into trouble down the road when you run out of ideas of things to start writing about. You’ll struggle to find topics and when you do find topics to write about, your writing is going to reflect that you don’t really care about what you’re discussing.

However, if you truly love what your blog is about, you’re really not going to have any issues with finding things to discuss on your page. It will come naturally. Your writing will also reflect that you’re passionate about the topics, and you’ll get more readers and devoted blog followers. Again, it doesn’t matter if you think other people are into what you like or not. You’d be surprised at how many people actually share your love for…well, whatever it is you love!

2. Take The Time To Connect With People

The best way to start building a blog following and getting traffic is to build relationships with other bloggers. Don’t view them so much as your competition, view them as potential friends. The Internet is more than big enough for all the blogs about “x” topic that are out there, and each blogger has his or her own unique take on the topic they’re blogging about.

Say you have a cooking blog. There are thousands of cooking blogs out there. Maybe even hundreds of thousands. But none of those bloggers have your unique voice, nor do you have theirs. You may have developed your own recipes or your own special twists on old standby recipes, and this is what will bring people to your blog. You can make your cooking blog as small or as big as you want it, and in the end, there’s plenty of room out there for everyone with a cooking blog.

So don’t view people with similar blogs as your competition and strive to be bigger or better than them – instead, try guest blogging for them. Invite them to guest blog for you. Share links, tips, and advice. Develop relationships with these people, because they are real people just like you. This is what will grow your blog. Your blog won’t grow if you sit by yourself and insist on being bigger and better than everyone else out there. It’s just not a healthy attitude to have when blogging, and it will make your blog truly stagnant.

3. Get Content Out There, Then Tweak Your Design

So very many newbie bloggers focus hard on their blog design in the beginning, before they ever get any content out there. This is the exact opposite of the approach you should take. Sure, you want it to look just right before you start doing any blog posts, but the truth of the matter is, you can rarely – if ever – get your blog to look exactly the way you want it in the beginning. You have more to learn about web design, and some of the things you want may cost money that you don’t have yet.

In the beginning, it’s best to choose a blog template that you like fairly well and start putting content out there, and then focus on tweaking the looks of your blog as you continue to post consistently. The design of your blog can be a huge block that takes too long to get past, and you’ve lost three months or more of content and traffic building while you perfect your design.

You can be tweaking your design here and there along with posting, so you’re letting the search engines know you’re alive and publishing content now – right now – while you do other things. It takes time to establish yourself and start building traffic, and by the time you start getting a decent blog following, you may very well have the design you want. However, if you wait to start publishing content until then, it’s going to take even more time to build your following.

Instead, start getting content out there ASAP and worry about everything else later. It will all come in due time.

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