Keywords 101: What Are Keywords And Why Do They Matter?

What are Keywords? Why are they important? Why are they vital to the success of your blog? If you’re starting a blog and have no idea about keywords, this article is for you. What Do I Care About Keywords? Keywords are how the search engines know what you're all about and who they should send … [Read more...]

How A Keyword Service Will Improve Your Blog

Keyword service tools are absolutely essential to you having a successful blog on the Internet. Keywords play an integral role in people being able to locate, read and participate in your blog. Unless you want to undertake hours upon hours of work trying to deduce just what keywords will help give … [Read more...]

Keyword Research 101: How to Choose The Best Tags & Keywords For Your Blog Posts – And Why This Matters

Previously we talked about keywords, specifically What Are Keywords And Why Do They Matter?". Today we're talking about how to choose the best tags and keywords for your articles and why this matters. Do you know what the “best” keywords and tags are and how do use them to get seen in search engines … [Read more...]