Keywords 101: What Are Keywords And Why Do They Matter?

What are Keywords? Why are they important? Why are they vital to the success of your blog? If you’re starting a blog and have no idea about keywords, this article is for you. What Do I Care About Keywords? Keywords are how the search engines know what you're all about and who they should send … [Read more...]

Is Google AdWords Falling Behind Bing Ads?

Google AdWords has long championed top spot when it comes to internet marketing strategies like PPC (pay per click). MSN ha released their own version of AdWords, called Bing Ads, which many people will tell you is not only just as good as Google AdWords, but even better. Some Of The Obvious … [Read more...]

How To Use Keyword Research The RIGHT Way – Are You Doing It Wrong?

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Scribe Content Optimizer: One Of The Best SEO Tools On The Market

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Google Analytics – A Must Have Blogging Tool

Here's how to use Google Analytics to fine tune your blogging strategy. When you operate a blog, there are often many factors about your marketing efforts that you should know in order to be effective. Some of these factors can be measured through some basic tools offered by web hosting companies, … [Read more...]