Tips For Writing Your First Blog Post(s)

Getting your first blog post published can seem very scary. Here are tips to get you through…

First, Learn Your Way Around The WordPress Editor

Take the time now, to learn how to use the Visual Editor and manage your posts and pages. This will make your life SO much easier in the coming weeks.

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Write Your About Page First

Tell your readers a little bit about you and your blog. You are after all a topic that you’re very familiar with. 🙂

Once you’ve written your about page, don’t stop. Keep the momentum going and write your first post.

How I Write A Blog Post

I’m very organized by nature so my writing style is very structured and organized.

Here are the steps I follow:

  1. Select the keyword phrase to target
  2. Write the heading (include the keyword phrase)
  3. Write 3-5 subheadings (include the keyword phrase when possible)
  4. Write the introductory paragraph
  5. Write 2-3 paragraphs under each subheading
  6. Write the conclusion (1-3 sentences)

How Dan Writes A Blog Post

Dan is the polar opposite of me. He is creative and whimsical in his writing style.

Here are the steps Dan follows:

  1. Free write everything that comes to mind (he just lets it flow).
  2. Read over what he’s spilled out to group the common topics
  3. Create subheadings for the common topics
  4. Write an emotional headline that pulls it all together

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What’s Your Writing Style?

Regardless of whether your style is more like mine or more like Dan’s, find what works for you.

The important thing is to get the words out of your brain and onto your blog!

Other Tips For Blog Writing

  • Make your posts somewhere between 500-1000 words. Less is too short and more is too long… You can always break longer posts into multiple shorter posts.
  • Always pick a category. Nothing on your blog should be “uncategorized.”
  • Use featured images. (More on that later…)
  • Don’t get stuck on trying to be the perfect writer – be yourself.
  • Do think about the keyword (topic) and how it relates to your overall blog topic.
  • Add lot’s of white space – more than 2-3 sentences together is hard to read online. Yes, I know this goes against everything you learned in high school – get over it!
  • Use subheadings to make your posts skimmable. Your readers should know what your post is about simply by reading the subheadings.

How To Start A Blog And Avoid The Biggest Mistakes Almost All New Bloggers Make

Starting a blog can feel intimidating, even frustrating…

It’s really frustrating when 9 out of 10 “How To Start A Blog” articles on the internet are nothing more than affiliate marketers trying to sell you old-school web hosting like BlueHost and HostGator. Those articles show you how to sign up for web hosting, but provide zero help when it comes to actually teaching you how to start a successful blog.