How To Write A Great Article – The Easy Way

Writing doesn’t always come easy for everyone – but here is a simple technique to build an article from scratch and get your brain cranking!

For some people, writing comes very naturally, but for others, it can be exceptionally difficult. Fortunately, there is an easy way to build a great article that will get your creative juices flowing, while also keeping your content organized and structured. Building your article in this way will also help your readers to easily skim your content and still take valuable information away from your article.

Remember, most people who read articles on the Internet skim anyways – very few of them actually buckle down and read copy word for word. Use this simple outline to get started writing articles, and follow it each and every time you write. You’ll be cranking articles out in no time!

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Article Headline

Your article’s headline is actually the very first thing people will read about your article, and most of the time, your headline is what will either convince them that your article is something they want to read, or cause them to click somewhere else. Your headline should be strong, built well and enticing! Think of the headlines on magazine covers – ones that say “5 Simple Spring Cleaning Fixes That Take No Time At All” or “How To Lose Weight Without Trying!”

These headlines are pretty much irresistible, because pretty much everyone wants to do things easily, quickly and without having to work at it. They want simple fixes and fast ways to do almost everything in their lives, or they want to know things they didn’t know or they want to find out the truth about something.

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Your first paragraph should be your introduction, and it should gently introduce your reader to what you’re going to talk about, without giving too much detail away. The introduction should gloss over your topic while also giving your blog’s visitors the motivation to continue reading! Your introduction shouldn’t be long – three to five sentences max. And of course, don’t use run on sentences! Those don’t count.

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Points & Subheadings

Most articles have about three to five main points, all with prominent subheadings. Your readers should actually be able to scan the article headline and the subheadings only and still get the gist of what your article is talking about. Let’s look at a bare bones article structure with only a headline and subheadings:

Headline: “3 Ways To Get A Girl To Like You”

Subheading 1: “Smile And Make Eye Contact”

Subheading 2: “Talk To Her Like A Normal Person”

Subheading 3: “Be Confident In Yourself”

By reading only the article headline and subheadings, you know exactly what the article is about, and what points the headline promises. If that’s all you read, you would still have a good idea about how to go out and make a girl like you. In your copy, however, you’re going to add detail about each one of these things and give even more valuable information. Under each subheading, write a paragraph or two that elaborates on what the subheading is about and provides a little more detail than what the subhead does.

For example, in the 3rd paragraph, you might explain how girls love confidence, and how practicing talking to girls is the best way to gain confidence and experience. What you’ve done here is actually provide the “How.” Your subheadings provide the “What” but only will the actual copy provide the detail on “how.” This is what entices many people to read the whole article!


Your conclusion, like your introduction, should be short and sweet, no longer than three to five normal sentences. Sum up what your article talked about without repeating yourself too much, and encourage the reader. Tell your readers why doing what you said to do is going to help them, or how they will benefit in some way by taking the advice in your article.

Let them leave the post feeling great about what they just read and how it’s the key to solving all of their life’s problems! Okay, perhaps you shouldn’t go that far, but your conclusion should leave your reader feeling very positive about what they read!

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