Save Precious Time With These 4 Social Media Tools That Actually Work

If you're like us, you hear about the latest and greatest Social Media tools every day - only to be disappointed. We'll we've found a few that we feel are actually useful. We found these three tools on Rhea Drysdale's Refresh Jacksonville Social Media Presentation. Rhea has a fairly new blog out … [Read more...]

Are You Sick and Tired of Fuzzy Avatars on Digg? Here's How to Fix Yours.

digg_url = "http://blogpressdev.comging-tools-thumbnail-fuzzy-avatars-on-digg-how-to-fix-yours/"; digg_skin = "compact"; It's seems that the Digg redesign has fubar'd everyone's avatars. Here's how we made ours look good - not fuzzy! The new size of your avatar should be 60 X 60 pixels. Most … [Read more...]

Finally! See Which of Your ClickBank Affiliate Programs are Converting and ACTUALLY Making You the Most Money!

ClickBank has been a source of endless frustration for so many of us who not only make money online, but actually make a living purely online! On one hand the ClickBank network offers some of the best converting affiliate products anywhere. So, we all work with them. They also reliably make payouts … [Read more...]

Blogger RSS Dilemma – Should You Provide a Full Feed or Just a Teaser?

The debate over providing a full RSS feed or just a partial (teaser) feed has been going on in the blogosphere for years. Some bloggers swear by full feeds, while others are hesitant to offer more than a few lines of teaser text for each post. Wait a minute, what's the difference here? Some people … [Read more...]

Affiliate Marketing EXPOSED – The Holy Grail of Making Money Online with a Blog

Can you Make REAL Money with Affiliate Marketing? Ah, the mysterious and sometimes black art of affiliate marketing… the well kept secret of the most successful Internet marketers. Many people have tried and failed to make any money online with affiliate marketing… usually because they give up way … [Read more...]