Social Media Marketing – 5 Keys To Your Success!

Social media marketing can have a huge impact on your blog’s traffic, but how do you do it successfully? Navigating the world of social media can be difficult if you’re not tech savvy, and doing it for a blog or online business can be even more difficult. Here are x easy tips to get started.

1. Tweet & Post To Facebook Regularly

Twitter and Facebook are the two most used social media platforms out there, so if you only want to get involved in a few platforms, make it Twitter and Facebook. In fact, these two social media platforms are basically a must. Your blog should have a presence on both of these if you really want your blog to grow.

Posting to Facebook or sending out the odd tweet every now and then isn’t going to do much of anything. However, posting and tweeting regularly will increase your blog’s online presence and subsequently your traffic. So make a note to post at least a few times a week to Facebook (if not once a day) and to tweet daily. In fact, when it comes to social media, the more involved you can be and the more frequently you post and tweet, the more of an online presence your blog will have.

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2. Use Hashtags On Twitter

Hashtags are like keywords on Twitter. You can search for a particular hashtag and all the tweets containing that hashtag will be listed. Popular hashtags generate a lot of buzz, so hopping on the hashtag bandwagon can be really great for your blog. Of course, you only want to use hashtags that are appropriate for the tweet you’re sending, or your niche. Don’t squeeze a popular hashtag in a tweet if it doesn’t truly belong there – that’s lame.

3. Consider Hosting A Social Media Contest Or Prize Drawing

Everyone loves to get something for free, and if you have a product or service you can offer, hosting a contest or prize drawing via Facebook or Twitter can really increase your traffic and help generate a loyal blog following.

Facebook Contest 

Post a picture of whatever you’re offering, and a short paragraph of what to do to enter the drawing. Many Facebook contests require the user to “like” the post and “share” it to be eligible. It’s a great way to get your blog seen by thousands of people in just a short amount of time.

Twitter Contest 

Twitter contests are similar, and usually require the user to “retweet” the contest tweet, or for the user to “follow” you. Hosting a Twitter contest is an easy way to get a lot of followers quickly.

As with any contest, read the fine print and make sure you’re operating within the regulations for the social media platform in question. Be creative with what you can offer, and make it something worthwhile – not cheesy. If you’re hosting a giveaway or contest to win something that is actually cool and valuable, people will get involved.

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4. Offer Discounts And Deals Only To Your Social Media Followers

People should be able to get something out of “liking” your Facebook page or following you on Twitter. Give them “VIP” status and offer them discounts, deals and free stuff that other people don’t get. For example, you might offer 15% off to new Twitter followers, or $10 off an order over $50 specifically to your Facebook followers once a month. If you don’t have any products, consider creating a few information products that you can offer to these folks. A simple guide or cool mini e-book with useful information in your niche can be a great thing to offer people involved in your social media. Again, remember to check the fine print and make sure that what you’re doing is within the regulations of the website in question.

5. Talk To Other People!

There’s a reason that social media is called social media. It’s about being social! You can’t expect to increase your blog’s traffic, your Facebook likes or your Twitter followers if you’re not talking to other people. A big part of social media marketing (and perhaps one of the most important) is engaging in conversation with other people. Visit other Facebook pages and “like” their posts, and share cool things that other people put on their pages. Retweet other people’s tweets and participate in “Follow Friday,” where you list some cool people to follow in a tweet every Friday. @Mention people in your tweets and tag people in your Facebook statuses. Do whatever you can to really get involved with other people and get others talking about you and your blog!

No matter what your blog is about, or what type of online business you have, you can always benefit from social media marketing. Get involved in social media today and watch your blog’s traffic soar!

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