Social Media Marketing For Dummies

Social Media Marketing is all about getting your fans to share and promote your product or content.  Think of it kind of like having email subscribers, or an email list in real time.  You’re able to stay in touch with your customers at a very low cost.  Your motto should be “the more subscribers, the better.”

Using Facebook

The first one, Facebook, it started out as just a little website for college friends to connect, but we all know it has gotten much, much, much bigger than that. Then they rolled out something called pages where you can actually set up a page for your business. The reason that we recommend that you do not set up a personal Facebook page for your blog or business is because you can only have like 5,000 friends if you do that. Pages allow you to have unlimited amounts of followers so set up a page for your blog.  We will get into how to use those tools a little later in another video.

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Twitter Magic

Twitter, less bells and whistles, is limited to 140 characters of text, and even more real time. Think of it this way, A lot of people say “should I be on Facebook? Should I be on Twitter?”  It’s a no brainer, yes, because some people like Twitter, some people like Facebook. Guess what, do you not like the Facebook folks? Do you like the Twitter folks? You like both of them and you want them to like you, you got to be in both places. You are going to have to post more often on Twitter if you want to build a following because there is a lot more noise going on.

You can make short announcements about new products and special offers on Twitter.  Use the Twitter search tool or tools like “Twiends” to locate people with interests or a business similar to yours, and follow them.  Chances are they will follow you too, and if you make your tweets engaging and beneficial to the public, they will retweet your tweets.  This again means that you and your blog will get more and more traffic, which of course means that you may be seeing an increase in ad or affiliate revenue very soon.

Google +

Google + came out in about the summer of 2011. There was a lot of excitement and a lot of hype in a typical Google fashion.  They came out in beta and rolled to the general public.  The interest is there again, but the jury is still out if they can catch up with Facebook, so pay attention to that one. You want to create an account on there but don’t put all your eggs there just yet. It will be interesting to see where it goes now that anyone can create an account there.

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Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

There are quite a few differences between social media marketing and traditional marketing. Traditional marketing would be television and print ads, for example, which simply advertise your business or product and may give a brief description of what you or it is all about. Social media marketing, on the other hand, should always give your customers something of value and be personable. If you have nothing of value to offer, then they won’t waste their time talking to you about it.

You need to also have a real human voice when you interact on any social media platform. If you sound too sales-pitchy and are only promoting your product, then people are going to unfriend, unfollow and completely remove you from any social media lists. Interact with people just as you would online. You can use smiley emoticons and even some internet jargon, such as “LOL” and “TTYL.” Keep it casual – just make sure that you don’t keep it too casual. Be courteous, polite, and always reply to anyone who comments or asks questions either about you or your business.

Putting It All Together

If you’re new to social media, you may be wondering where to start. The best way to do this is to start with a blog. A blog gives you a good opportunity to introduce not only your company and the products that you sell, but it also gives you a chance to introduce yourself to the online world. Your blog is just as much about you as it is about your business, so it’s important that you keep your blog personable.

Once you have written about yourself and your business, start writing up blogs that are related to your products and business. Start posting things about yourself and your every day life that people may find entertaining (pets and children are a great place to start). Showcase your products on your blog, while also sharing things and news clips that you find funny. This will give readers the clear message that not your blog isn’t only for promotional purposes; it also shows who you are as well.

Once you’ve got your blog going, you can then open it up to all of the other social media outlets out there. You can open up your very own Facebook profile page, and then open up a “group” page for your blog as well. Encourage friends and family to join the group. Once they join, it will show up in the newsfeeds of their other friend and family who may not be on your “friends” list, thus increasing your exposure. Keep your Facebook group page updated regularly with your blog posts, and always provide a link back to your blog.

There are a lot of different ways that you can approach social media, and depending on your business, you may want to start off with Facebook or Twitter. The important thing is to make sure that you link up all of your social media accounts so that they direct customers back to your blog or website where they can find out even more information about your company.

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